Born Blythe, CA
Distance between tip of finger and palm one finger
Degree B.S. Marketing, Biola University, La Mirada, CA
I was born in Blythe, CA . Blythe is out in the middle of the desert near the Arizona border; it is consistantly one of the hottest places in the U.S. Boy, am I glad I got out of there! When I was three months old, my parents went to Korea where my Dad taught at Seoul Foreign School and in the two years we were there my sister Erin was born. While my older brother, Kirk, has distinct memories of Korea, I have none though some of my first words were Korean,all I know is enough sayings and food names to "impress" people.
After returning to the U.S., we moved around quite a bit. I think all the moving around made us even closer as a family. My brother Kirk and my sister Erin became and remain two of my best friends. My father served as principal and my mother as secretary of several schools ending up in Santa Barbara, CA.
I started running long distance alot as a kid, did magic shows at school, drew and wrote a bunch. From Santa Barbara, our family moved to Papua New Guinea where my father worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators as an administrator in their international high school. My mother was a graphic artist and illustrator.
Life in Papua New Guinea (PNG) was a great experience--a regular Tom Sawyer's life of sorts and my friends from PNG remain very treasured. There was a great opportunity in that small community of 1,000 people to get to know people well. The exposure to different nationalities brought great wealth to my life. The group of my mates was made up of three Americans, one Australian, one Netherlander and two English blokes--too many stories to tell about that lot.
I was very active in sports in PNG, band (played the trombone), sang in choir,etc.
I served as Senior Class Vice President, was voted most humorous (maybe because of my sports, band and choir skills). Graduated from Ukarumpa High School - a lovelier name you'll never hear! Actually, the school was excellent. The high school ranked in the top 2% in SAT scores and excelled in Australian academic competitions. I had the opportunity to study under Australian, English, Swiss, Canadian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinean teachers and alongside students from the same and many more nationalities.
After high school, I studied in the US, Germany, Austria and later Japan. I came back to the US to finish up at Biola University in California where I served as a Student Body Senator, double majoring in Business and Music and graduating with a B.S. in Marketing.
After graduation I was offered a full scholarship through Tokai Bank and Biola University to study Japanese and Japanese Business at Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan.
Within three months, I was off to Japan. I spent a year there, was awarded the Hirschmeier Scholarship for returning students, but chose to return to the U.S. Time in Japan was like camp, fun, but long, if you know what I mean. But, boy! was it arcade heaven.
Since returning, the most rewarding activity had been my role as College Director at my local church and being a "voice for hire" when they need help in the choir.
My desire for a career has remained marketing. The creative process energizes me. I have volunteered my marketing services for non-profit organisations while working at my prevous job in Insurance at Wycliff Bible Translators (WBT). WBT moved last July to Orlando, FL. from Huntington Beach, CA, and I decided not to follow.
I am currently looking looking to use my sills in amarketing/advertising related field.
Likes Rain, rain, rain. Apple sauce, Dr. Pepper, Soggy Chips (as in Fish and Chips), mellow music, conversation, humour, blasting a trombone, a quiet beach--sounds like a personal ad, eh? --growing up in PNG has spoiled me into liking pristine beaches.
Looks Cross between Mel Gibson, Willie Nelson, Billy Graham, Jerry Lewis, Richard Gere, Bill Cosby, and John Schneider.
Other Hats I Wear College Director Temple Church
Places Lived & Dog du jour Blythe, CA Dog Cinder
Hobbies Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Music Composition, Singing, Paintball, Trombone, Piano
Favourite Film No One Else likes Joe Versus the Volcano
Favourite Film The Man from Snowy River
Pretentious Thing I Can Say "I haven't been skiing since my skiing accident in Switzerland."
Something I Should Say "I've only gone skiing once and I stunk."
Favourite Music Soundtracks (James Horner, baby!)
Favourite Music No One Likes Cliff Richard
Matthew 22:36-39 "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'" This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbour as yourself.'"